Korben International Industrial & Financial Corporation, Inc.

General provisions and types of activities of the Corporation

«Korben International Industrial & Financial Corporation, Inc.» was set up in 1994 in New York subject to the Business Corporation Law, USA. It carries out its activities in the fields of control and management and also acts as an agent and consultant of governmental and other state institutions, international investment companies, financial and banking structures, industrial and commercial organizations.
The Corporation takes part in implementation of the most important, socially significant interstate agreements within the framework of strategic partnership and development of financial, economic and industrial relations between the USA and Russia.

The Corporation is a member of the following international organizations:

1. The US-Russia Business Council;
2. The American Chamber of Commerce in Russia;
3. The Global Association of International Financial Institutions;
4. The National Food Processors Association of the USA.

Korben International operates in the fields of:
- construction of administrative, apartment and industrial objects;
- design, construction and operation of large industrial and shopping food processing complexes;
- manufacture of nutritional products;
- commerce;
- machine-building;
- metallurgy;
- chemical and petrochemical industry;
- power-engineering,
as well as manufacture of jewelry.

The practical activities of Korben International in Russia are aimed at creation of a 100% privately owned enterprises, which is in line with the resolution of the US Government to promote increased participation of the US companies in Russian economy, acting on behalf of the USA, consuming goods manufactured in the USA or overseas and having at least 51% share in the price of the final product.


The Corporation is entitled:

- to act as a consultant or agent of numerous international or other companies, including but not limited to investment companies, financial or banking organizations, commercial organizations, operating in the fields of machine-building, metallurgy, chemistry, petrochemistry, power-engineering, food industry and consumer services;

- to effect design and construction, to act as a building owner, general contractor and designer with a right to reassign;

- to organize production processes and to operate reorganized and reprofiled enterprises in the mining and processing industry; to reprocess industrial waste;

- to create and operate large wholesale, industrial and food processing complexes or enterprises, shopping centers and mass catering outlets;

- to manufacture consumer goods and food stuffs, to purchase and reprocess agricultural produce;

- to create its own shopping and intermediate selling enterprises on consignment conditions and customs terminals, to provide packing, storage and transportation of manufactured products and goods;

- to carry out foreign-economic activities, including export-imports of goods and services;

- to attract investment and financial loans, credits and funds in any form both in the USA and at the world loan markets;

- to take part in restructuring of enterprises and creation of new joint-stock companies;

- to carry out work, designed to create a stock of highly liquid assets, to provide collaterals, to transact in securities and to arrange their public or closed placement at the world stock markets;

- to issue, list and to hold subscription on shares, bonds and other securities, to issue bonded debts, to transact at the world exchange markets in any types of governmental and private securities;

- to engage in deposit banking, loan, mortgage, credit, settlement (including operation of all types of accounts), leasing, trust, insurance, clearing, factoring and other transactions, to provide own guarantees and to arrange provision of guarantees to third parties;

- to carry out finance and economic research in investment financing as well as a search of potential investors and buyers, to make assessments and to develop feasibility studies for newly organized or reprofiled enterprises;

- to take part in implementation of federal, republican and interstate programs;

- to conclude agreements and contracts, to make transactions and to carry out legal actions;

- to buy, lease in and out buildings, constructions, enterprises, means of transport, other movable and real assets;

- to open settlement and other accounts in the financial and banking institutions and to carry out legally authorized cash and non-cash operations in Rb and foreign currency including operations with other means of payment unlimited in terms of amounts;

- To carry out industrial, commercial and financial operations as well as foreign-economic ones legally authorized by legislations of the partner-countries;

- to set up subsidiaries, branch and representative offices, to approve their Statutes and Provisions, to be part of voluntary associations, financial and industrial groups; to create new enterprises, associations of various types, joint-stock and other societies, to take part in their activities, to invest funds therein and to drop out of their composition in compliance with a prescribed procedure.
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