Korben International Industrial & Financial Corporation, Inc.

Robert Edwin Berls, Jr.

Consultant of Corporation "Korben International Industrial & Financial Corporation, Inc."

Robert Edwin Berls, Jr., Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, graduated from the Georgetown University.

In 1963-1989 served in the US Air Forces. Afterwards, was engaged in scientific work in the US Academy of the Air Forces and Georgetown University. Having returned to serve in the operative divisions of the US Air Forces, he occupied various supervising positions. In the structure of the American delegation he participated in negotiations on reduction of strategic armaments in Geneva, Switzerland in 1977-1979. From 1981 to 1985 he was a tutor in the National Military College, Washington. Then within four years he worked in Moscow as the Military Attache of the US Air Forces, Assistant to the Ambassador of the USA in the USSR. After dismissal from the armed forces, worked as the Deputy Director of the American Committee on American-Soviet Relations till 1992.

In 1992-1993 was engaged in the matters of enterprise activity in Russia as consultant, including in the sphere of investments. Till 1996, acting as the special assistant to the head of Energy for Russia and the Other countries of the Former Soviet Union, directly participated in activity of the joint American-Russian working groups on the matters of power resources of the countries of the Central Asia and the Caspian pool.

From 1996 to 2001 he acted as the Vice-President of Frontera Resources Corporation. He was responsible for development of relations of the US Company with foreign governments, including in Azerbaijan and Georgia.

From 2001 till present time he occupies the position of the Senior Adviser in Russia within the framework of programs with respect to the new independent states (NIS Programs).

The author of several scientific works, numerous reports, newspaper and journal articles on the subject of the Soviet Union.

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