Korben International Industrial & Financial Corporation, Inc.

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1. President's message

2. Board of Directors

2.1 Petr Leonidovich Korotkevich

2.2 Robert Edwin Berls, Jr.

2.3 Yury Iliich Skuratov

2.4 Sergei Alexandrovich Bayov

2.5 Andrey Petrovich Korotkevich

3. Executives

3.1 Alexander Alexandrovich Krasilnikov

3.2 Alexander Pavlovich Kofanov

3.3 Vladimir Pavlovich Nedosekov

3.4 Dmitry Alexandrovich Orlov

3.5 Yury Danilovich Smirnov

4. Structure of the Corporation

5. General provisions and types of activities of the Corporation

6. Participation of the Corporation in implementation of International, Federal and Regional programs

7. Licenses

8. Projects implemented by the Corporation

9. Projects which are being implemented by the Corporation

10. Participation of the Corporation in the world business relations

11. Contacts

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